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Flower arrangement for Lynchburg Garden Day

Hillside Garden Club Awards

Garden Club of Virginia Common Wealth Award

Established at the Annual Meeting, May 1979 to provide an annual grant to promote projects in the interest of conservation, beautification, horticulture, preservation and education. The two word name Common Wealth was chosen to describe the "wealth" that is "common" to all Virginians. 

Common Wealth Award, 1985

$6,000 was awarded to Hillside Garden Club to complete the restoration of the Anne Spencer Garden.


Common Wealth Award, 1996

$5,000 was awarded to Hillside Garden Club to build a gatehouse for the Old City Cemetery.


Common Wealth Award, 2009

$10,000 was awarded to Hillside Garden Club for the continuing restoration of the historic Anne Spencer Garden.


Common Wealth Award, 2016

$8,000 was awarded to Hillside Garden Club to establish the Academy Center of the Arts

Tree Garden, in collaboration with the Academy Center of the Arts.

Garden Club of Virginia Horticulture Award of Merit

Established in 1960 for individual members of the Garden Club of Virginia who have achieved significant accomplishments in horticulture, both personally and in the community at large.

Mrs. E.A. Harper, 1962

Mrs. Elias Richards, Jr., 1970

Mrs. Paul E. Sackett and Mrs. J. Barnett Hodges, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Howell, 1977

Mrs. Henry M. Sackett III, 1980

Mrs. Kenneth S. White, 1984

Mrs. Robert L. Galloway, 1985

 Mrs. Wallace G. McKenna, Jr., 1996

Mrs. Allen E. Johnson, 1998

Mrs. Kenneth W. Wright, 2012

Mrs. Matthew L. Lloyd, 2014

 Dr. Janet G. Hickman, 2016

Mrs. Kaye Moomaw, 2018

Mrs. Sonya Wodicka, 2023

Garden Club of Virginia Massie Medal for Distinguished Achievement 

The oldest and most prestigious award given by the Garden Club of Virginia, it was inaugurated in 1928 by Susanne Williams Massie during her presidency and was given by her until her death in 1952. Since that time it has been given by the club in her memory.


Massie Medal for Distinguished Achievement, 1989

Awarded to Mrs. Kenneth S. White for meritorious service

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